Holiday Photography

Journalist Nick Trend has a few words to say about travel photography. Apparently looking through the lens “interrupts the joy of discovery and ruins the moment for other travelers”. Really?

I recall a time a while back at Lady Macquaries Chair in Sydney. A number of photographers were set up there all watching the sunset and waiting for the light to turn. Then a bus load of tourists appeared, pushed past those already there, took their shots – mostly of each other – and were gone. Certainly they weren’t there long enough to enjoy the breeze, the boats, the sound and smells of the harbour or anything else that was going on at the time, aspects which for me make photography such an interesting past time.

My tips for travel photography:
  1. Don’t be in a rush, take your time, look for a good aspect and good light if you can. Remember why photography has been called “the art of seeing”.
  2. Do take time to enjoy the experience, especially if its unlikely you’ll get back to the location or event.
  3. If there is something particular that you wish to photograph, make time to do it away from the non photographers if time permits. Everyone wins.
  4. Don’t be a nuisance to others.
  5. Do take what you will reasonably use, don’t pack the kitchen sink. Taking a portable kit will usually work out better than taking every lens you own especially where getting on and off aircraft is concerned.

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