I am frequently asked about taking better pictures. As so much great material has been written by others, I have assembled a range of resources from across the internet that I have found useful.

Cambridge in Colour – a learning community. Everything you need to know.

Strobist – a good source of information about off camera lighting.

Macro Photography – inspiring and proving you don’t need a ton of expensive gear.

ON1 Video Tutorials – lots of info on my preferred post processing tool.

Photoshop Tutorials – for those still using Photoshop.

The Writing of Gary Friedman – simple information about how to get the most from your Minolta, Sony or Canon cameras. ebooks available as well.

Digital Image Workflow – I suspect most images people take are destined for the internet or a 6×4 from the local supermarket. In that case you don’t have to worry about digital workflow. But if you want to tweak, resize, crop, retouch and manage your images, you need to read this primer.

What the Duck – just for fun.