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One of the most beautiful collections of Maseratis is hosted in a typical farm house located in Cittanova di Modena. West (a company belonging to the Panini family) has been entrusted with safeguarding the Maserati Collection – which has been painstakingly built over the course of the years – and the cars which mark some of the most important moments of its history.

The Maserati Collection was first established by the Maserati brothers and was later expanded by Omar Orsi. It has remained almost intact to this day. It currently includes 23 motor vehicles, which are regularly on display, and 3 vehicles which are undergoing restoration.

The Collection contains a number of cars of great value for Maserati, partly because of their unique nature: such as the 6CM from 1936, of which only 27 were made and which dominated European races in the “vetturette” category and won the Targa Florio, and the A6GCS Berlinetta Pinifarina, of which only 4 were made and which won the Mille Miglia for its category three times with its “barchetta” design.

Equally important are the Tipo 61 Birdcage – with its exceptional frame comprised of 200 tubes in special alloy welded together for an overall frame weight of 36 kg and its distinctive Drogo bodywork – and the Maserati 420M58 – the famed “Eldorado” used by Stirling Moss in his battle for one of the top spots during the Monza 500 Miglia.

These images suffer somewhat owing to the lack of light and the time available to shoot them. Nonetheless, the collection is superb and I hope get a sense of how incredible it is.