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Joan and I visited Italy in October 2015. We spent time in Umbria in the towns of Spoleto and Perugia. We visited Florence of course to visit the Accademia Gallery where the most famous object is Leonardo Di Vinci’s statue of David. The Medici chapel and Florence cathedral were also visited. From there we went to Bologna by high speed train as a staging point for a day trip to Maranello and Modena to visit the Ferrari museum, Collezione Umberto Panini (Maseratis and cheese) and the Malpighi balsamic vinegar operation where we learned the real thing is nothing like what the shops sell. Back to Perugia from where we visited the towns of Assisi, Gubbio, Norcia and Casteluccio, each unique with its own history, local produce and local saints and their inevitable basilicas. We transitioned in and out of Rome, but managed to squeeze in the area around Palatine Hill, the seat of power of ancient Rome.  In addition the Pantheon, the Vatican, the Vittorio Emmanuel II Monument and a few other things besides.

The photos have been squeezed in between the sightseeing since this was not intended to be a photographic trip. They are snapshots taken on the run with an ancient camera. We hope you enjoy them.