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Frank is the Audax/gravel machine which started as a well preserved Rossin Professional of mid 80’s vintage. Frank had some changes made after I broke the crank, and now has a few features you may not see anywhere else such as a long cage Super Record rear derailleur. Combined with a triple chainring and low gears on the back, Frank laughs at the biggest hills while cruising effortlessly down the road.

Cornering and braking is what you’d expect from a bike of Frank’s pedigree, especially on bespoke wheels and fat tyres.

In order to achieve such a thing, the master bike fetler noted on the bill:

“Do stuff to Frank, stuff unimaginable that any lesser man or shop would of long ago quit and fled to a land far away for a long time.”

Well he didn’t flee and here we are. Welcome Frank. And thanks Adam, still making dreams come true, even if it was a bit of a nightmare there for a while.

List of changes/updates:

  • New wheels – TB14 rims, LSC hubs
  • New Campagnolo brake blocks on the existing Super Record calipers provide outstanding braking with the new wheels
  • 11-30 Shimano cassette and Shimano chain
  • 53/39/30 Record triple crankset and 107mm Shimano bottom bracket. Narrow to deal with the offset of the triple chain wheels.
  • 82 Super Record rear mech has a long cage fitted (all the gears)

All works together very nicely thanks to the dedication and expertise of Adam @ LSC. Support your LBS. We need guys like Adam.


Vale Frank. In November 2023 Frank departed the Palazzo for the last time, the running gear transferred to the Green Machine which now takes on the Eroica duties. Turns out Frank was a little too big for me and especially for what lies ahead.

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