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I’ve been messing about with macro photography for well over a decade now and with some success. But since then technology has changed a lot which has made getting an image way easier. Recently the tripod has been upgraded from the classic pan tilt head to not just a ball head, but tripod legs which articulate every which way as well. This means the camera is easily located at right angles and at the right distance to the subject as it moves on multiple axis at once. As the central column can be moved horizontally the need for a focus rail is largely eliminated. Along with the A99 and its ability to focus on the rear screen, it’s a game changer.

A look at how I rolled in 2010 and the changes since then.

2010 thereabouts. KM5D, Minolta 100 2.8 macro, AF1200 ring flash, pan tilt head.
Focus rail on the pan tilt head. Not ideal.
A99 with rear screen, fully articulating tripod and ball head. Game changer.
Another view of the tripod in action. Rear screen with focus peaking for critical manual focus.
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