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This is the Christmas BVRT Night Ride from Yarraman to Linville. The Brisbane Valley rail trail is a disused rail corridor repurposed as a trail for cycling, walking and horseriding. Its about 160km in length and being an old rail corridor is mostly flat with gentle grades other than where it vanishes down a gully. At one time bridges would have crossed these gullies, now its a steep descent followed by a steep climb for the most part, excellent fun with the potential to get very exciting indeed if it goes wrong.

So why is this an epic ride then? The BVRT is a unique and epic thing – especially the very top of the trail where it descends the range. Lots of creek crossings, the sun descending over the range and then into the Benarkin forest in the dark. Only 42km to be sure, but a very memorable 42km and a truly epic ride.

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