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Bicycles are everywhere in France. The preferred means of getting about in town, recognised as a legitimate way to get about and get things done. Dedicated cycling lanes, traffic signals and even the busses give way to cyclists. Of course the traffic moves slower around town as well which makes integration a whole lot safer. Everyone in civvies, no lycra and no carbon road bikes to be seen anywhere.

Helmets not mandatory for adults, but in Germany seems that they are which is why cycling traffic to and from Germany in Strasbourg were so equipped.

As for the photos, I’ve chosen to process them with some grit rather than super sharp and clear. Lots of contrast, low levels of sharpening. This is to cover variations in light for the most part. Paris in particular was very hazy with low soft light or just outright overcast. This provides a consistent look and feel across the selection. You may see some of these images in other galleries where they look completely different and now you know why.

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