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Colmar is a gateway to the Alsace wine trail and the villages that line it. Colmar also has its own old town with buildings dating back to the 1400’s which is pretty typical of the region. It has its own cathederal dating back to the 1100’s with the current building from the 1300’s dedicated to St Martin who was quite a guy, local legend, cult leader and so forth. Look him up and be amazed at the influence of St Martin.

The market was superb and with its canal, Colmar has a section known as Little Venice. I’m thinking that’s a bit of a stretch, but its quite beautiful nonetheless.

Food was an issue here for us. We struggled with takeaway, odd hours, lack of accessible restaurants and basically just being completely bamboozled by how it all works here. Nonetheless, plenty to see and do in and around Colmar.

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