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A magnificent location in southern Burgundy far enough from everything to be very peaceful and yet close to everything as well. Turns out we were not far from the Swiss border, Bresse where the famous chickens come from and a few other noteworthy things as well.

We had to hunt and gather for ourselves and experienced the InterMarche and Auchen first hand as well as the baker under the tree in the village square. Turns out food is not expensive and of excellent quality. Bread and pastries we could learn a few things from the locals to be honest. Even the supermarket variety is awesome.

Gigny (pronounced “Jinny”) sits on the river Saone and we could see the river through the trees. The Voie Bleue is a path that extends from Luxembourg to Lyon partly along the Saone and we rode part of that as well. Our accommodation was first class and all in all, Gigny-sur-Saone proved most excellent on all fronts.

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