Reducing image noise

Image “noise” refers to random artifacts found in some images, normally as a result of a high iso (sensor sensitivity) setting. In the image below taken at iso1600, noise is evident as a random pattern […]


Why shoot RAW?

DSLR cameras can create several types of image file. One is the well known jpeg which is a compressed bitmap file processed in the camera using the settings you have chosen. In some cases this […]


Perfect exposure

If you have your camera in green auto mode or aperture priority mode, your camera will make a decision about the exposure. Most times it will make a good decision however there are times when […]


Macro Photography

When the topic of macro photography is raised people often think of close ups of small objects. That’s quite true but macro photography strictly speaking refers to creating images where the subject is @ 1:1 […]


White Balance and Color Correction

According to Wikipedia, a colour cast is a tint of a particular colour, usually unwanted, which affects the whole of a photographic image evenly. Digital cameras will exhibit a colour cast under certain conditions. Specifically, […]


Lighting for headshots

I was asked recently to provide a headshot. No problem just step into my studio – except I don’t have one, what to do? I quickly set up at the kitchen table in front of […]


Lens Filters

Filters attach to the front of your lens and modify light entering your camera.  The screw in type add some physical protection for the front lens element which is why you might see some folks […]


Its all about the light

Experts agree to take really effective images you need to understand and be able to control light. From subtle sunset or sunrise light, to balancing indoor light, capturing captivating landscapes, macro photography, portraits and so […]


Why Your Camera Lenses Do Matter

Previously I explained why I think having an expensive camera body isn’t necessary. On the other hand, you should buy the best lenses you can afford simply because your lenses will outlast your camera body […]


Holiday Photography

Journalist Nick Trend has a few words to say about travel photography. Apparently looking through the lens “interrupts the joy of discovery and ruins the moment for other travelers”. Really? I recall a time a […]